John grew up in Georgia and Tennessee.  He received his MA from Wake Forest University and his PhD from The City University of New York. His dissertation, “Significant Little Wrecks,” explores a strain of defiantly “small” poetries in 20th-century American writing, focusing on the exemplary forms and practices of Lorine Niedecker, George Oppen, and Susan Howe. He is interested in semiotics, textual scholarship, relations between violence and language, non-mimetic forms of realism, and all varieties of minimalism. In accord with these scholarly concerns, his classroom-work involves an engagement with generative constraints and an abiding emphasis on material, analog technologies as complements to digital ones. He recently edited a facsimile version of Lorine Niedecker’s handmade book, “Homemade Poems.” In a related extracurricular vein, John operates Creature Press, a vehicle for hand-made chapbooks.


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